Amrita Centre for Research and Development

Who we are

Amrita Centre for Research and Development (ACRD) is a not-for-profit entity, incorporated U/s 25 of The Companies Act, 1956 (Section 8 of Companies Act 2013). The primary focus of the company is Scientific Research and the Development of contemporary technologies. It brings together the best of academia and industry, a synthesis that is expected to generate considerable synergy and translate into breakthroughs and significant innovation. ACRD is a one of its kind R & D facility, which deftly balances cutting edge research with societal impact. The application of contemporary as well as futuristic technologies like Robotics, Warning Frameworks, Nano & Bio Technologies, Oceanography, Internet of Things, Virtual Reality and Educational Technologies etc. towards societally beneficial innovations is the USP of the company. The fact that scientific research is engendered by social research is the prime differentiator of ACRD. Many centres of excellence have been started in cutting-edge areas like Wireless Networks & Applications, Cyber Security, Computational Engineering & Networking, Virtual Labs, E-learning, Haptics, Educational Technologies, Nanosciences & Molecular Medicine, Biomedical Engineering, Cancer Prevention & Cure, Biostatistics, and Environmental Sciences and so on.


“To provide a platform for multi-disciplinary and inter-disciplinary research by bringing together the best of industry and academia where the outcomes of such research may be implemented to benefit the society at large.”

Mission and Objectives include:

  • Establishment of a state of the art research facility, blending academia and industry
  • Nurture and sustain a team of scientific and engineering talent to power innovation
  • Promote collaborative research blending private, public and govt. institutions
  • Translation of research outcomes into Adaptable Technologies
  • Last Mile Delivery of beneficial technologies for inclusive growth
  • Dissemination of contemporary developments through symposiums, plenaries
  • Develop a sustainable model for technology by nurturing entrepreneurship
  • To encourage faculty and students of educational institutions to undertake research
  • Stimulate student innovation through industrial exposure
  • Multi-disciplinary research to promote cross-discipline synergies